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Social Media Marketing Package

Social Media Account Handling

Sometimes business face time shortage especially self-employed go through with this problem. During the prioritization of the tasks, they never consider Social Media postings as an important task. That’s why businesses lack in growth.

I bring a solution for business as a Social Media Account handling. Businesses can outsource their tasks to us and we’ll take care of their Day to Day Posting and other activity.

competitor study

We start our work with a complete competitor study. We study your audience, product & Services for you.

Strategy Development

According to the inputs we’ll get from you and according to the competitor study. We’ll create a well-establesed Strategy for your business growth.

Content Creation

According to the strategy we’ll create content for your social media marketing and post them on behalf of you.

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook has 280 million users in India, along with this Instagram (acquired by Facebook) have 88 million users in India. These numbers show that your prospective clients are present here. 

I have Specialty in developing a money-making strategy and implement it on Facebook for any business.

Competitor Research

My professional team will look into your competitor’s work and understand the state of mind of your audience from their posts and engagements

Strategy Building

Social media marketing is all about strategy. Who has a great strategy to implement, he’ll definitely win the market. My team will develop the best suitable and winning strategy for your business growth.

Implement the Strategy

If we have a strategy that can be winning an award for your business. The next step is the implementation of that strategy. We Develop the content, Design Visuals and run Ads over Facebook & Instagram to reach toward your right audience

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Complete Your Marketing


My team will go beyond an make a research to get right content to your right paid audience.


In Social Media Marketing strategy building is most importent. We as a professional doing it for you.


We write content, design visuals and run ads which bring business for you.


We are the output oriented. We are bringing guaranteed result for your business and fulfill goals.

Marketing Redesign

Funnel Creation

Funnel is a process where we garner leads and convert them into customers. Especially with six steps.


1. Awareness

2.  Interest

3. Consideration

 4. Intent

5. Evaluation

6. Purchase

Write words that sell

Sales Page Copywriting & Design

When we come to the sale online our copy comes first in place

I write the copies for sales pages which can sell your products.

  • AIDA technique sales copy
  • Sales page design.

Other Services

Google Adward

Google has the biggest market share as a search engine. I’m working as a google adward specialist to take care of your business marketing on google.

Search Result Marketing

Youtube Marketing

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Wordpress website building

The website is one of the must-have requirements for business nowadays. I can help you with end to end service in term of website development.

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