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I have been in the Marketing for Coaches & eComm field for the past 4 years. I have worked As facebook ads expert, Google ads Expert, YouTube Ads For coaches WordPress website development, and Funnel creation as a freelancer/agency for my clients and my own startups.
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Facebook Ads

Lead Generations Via Facebook Ads

Facebook has 280 million users in India, along with this Instagram (acquired by Facebook) has 88 million users in India. These numbers show that your prospective clients are present here.

I have a Specialty in developing a money-making strategy and implement it on Facebook for Coaches & Ecom businesses.

Content Strategy Creation
The strategy is the most important part of social media marketing. My team has been developed more than thousands of strategies for businesses.
Media Creation
Quality show professionalism in any field. and in Facebook marketing quality work in many terms like visuals, writeup, etc. We use the tools the best tools to achieve it.
Consistent Optimization
Consistency in Optimization is one of the important factors in social media marketing. Our profession gives us an advantage to achieve it for our clients.
Create Strategy
Run Ads
Maintenance & Updates
Youtube Ads

YouTube Advertising for Coaches & ecom Business

YouTube has over 325 million 18+ unique viewers month on month in India. YouTube has the second-highest share in India’s social media market with around nine percent. Online Market getting change on day by day.

Emerging new technologies are changing the world that’s why Relying on 1 channel is not the right strategy for anyone. After the IOS14 changes, 2nd channel becomes more important and Youtube is becoming the helping hand now a day in the marketing Industry.


Featured Work

Funnel Redesign

Funnel Automation

Funnel is a consumer-focused marketing model which takes a prospect to a few touchpoints and motivates them to become a customer.

Most of the time Funnel has a lot of work on each touchpoint. which is most important to finish but usually, these touchpoints consume a lot of time and manual work which leads to the opportunity of making errors. Avoid this we usually try to automate most of the tasks and touchpoints to make you free and FOCUS on your DELIVERY.

Sales Funnel

Funnel Optimaziton

Conversion Optimaziton

Funnel is a process where we garner leads and convert them into customers. Especially with six steps.

1. Awareness

2.  Interest

3. Consideration

4. Intent

5. Evaluation

6. Purchase

About Me

Hello! I’m Naveen Nain. I’ve Been Working In Facebook Ad Experts, Funnel Marketing Experts Social Media Marketing For 5 Years

I started my journey After getting a pass out from in Jan-2016 with my dream project IndiARTcare an eCommerce platform to help Indian traditional artists and promote craft products. In Nov-2017 a life-changing turn and I started a describe coworking with 2 of my co-founders. As I worked everywhere as a Facebook ad expert, YouTube Ad expert, sales funnel expert, Webinar Funnel Expert, and Ecom Expert guy. finally I started working as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing for Coaches and Ecom business in Nov – 2019.

  • Facebook Marketing
  • YouTube Ads
  • Funnel Creation
Naveen Nain

Few Famous Coaches I Worked With…

Suresh Mansharamani

Suresh Mansharamani

Business Coach

Projects – FB Ads & YouTube Ads For Funnel

Sandeep Gupta

Finance Coach

Projects – FB Ads & YouTube Ads For Funnel

Dr. Ravi R Kumar

Dr. Ravi R Kumar

Stock Market Coach

Projects – FB Ads & YouTube Ads, Funnel Automation

Naveen nain client

Neena S Arora

Vaastu Acharya

Projects – Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & End to End Funnel

Ganesh Komma

Ganesh Komma

Finance Coach

Projects – FB Ads & YouTube Ads, Funnel Automation

Lalit Arora

Lalit Arora

Network Marketing Coach

Projects – YouTube Ads

Dr. Jinendra Jain

Jinendra Jain

Holostic/Health Coach

Projects – FB Ads & YouTube Ads

Naveen is an amazing person to work with. Very helpful and knowledgeable at the same time. His knowledge of social media marketing is phenomenal with his s help. I have grown so much in my business. Now I m.plannin to go global with his help. My clientele has increased multifold since I started working with him God bless him. I recommend him to all my friends and family

Manish Arya

Nutritionist, Ask Your Diet

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