Today we are going to talk about a very important even more interesting topic that is the audience pyramid. Every business/Product/Service have their own set of audience.

Yesterday I was reading the book Sell like crazy written by @sabri Suby and I found a very interesting audience pyramid described.

As a Media Buyer with experience in Facebook ads & Google ads, I agree with this concept of audience.

Audience Pyramid

Audience Pyramid

Top of the Pyramid is 3%of total audience who are given the name instant buyer.

Below the top of the con, there is 17% solution awareness. They are in the state of information gathering. 

At the 3rd no of the pyramid, 20% of people who are the problem aware. They know the problem they have but they don’t know the solution.

And at the bottom of the pyramid, 60% of people are Not problem aware. They don’t know that they have the problem.

What is the issue if you don’t know this audience pyramid?

Most of the small business and even marketers who are starting their carrier, they don’t even try to spend some time to understand their audience and converting them into a lead or sales. 

Most of the businesses try to grab Top 3% of the pyramid. Here the number of the audience is low but the competition is higher. 

How to use this audience pyramid?

  • Attracts
  • Educate
  • Nurtures
  • Gets Prospects to act

Attract your customers to your content, educate them with information, Nurture them to be trustworthy, and in the last ask them to take action.

What can you use to Educate and, nurture your audience?

You can use white paper, Videos, Emails, Infographics. 

Will you use this Pyramid in your business?

if yes, type “Pyramid” in the comment.